Retractable Sun Awning

Retractable Sun Awning description

The top in tailor made: AmberShade® design. The AmberShade® Integrated System and Top System: dynamic, telescopic screens that can extend to dimensions of 10 x 5 meters. In exceptional cases, even larger sizes are possible. Due to the combination of the technology applied and the well-thought-out design, the system is windproof.
AmberShade® Integrated and Top System screens dovetail seamlessly with the design of the vessel. The system can, in many cases, be enclosed entirely within the roof construction; the hydraulic screens draw themselves back into their housings and become invisible.

Telescopic arms made of composite material carry the screens to a free span of several metres. Built-in electric motors drive the screen and the stepless control is done remotely.


For AmberShade® screens, we make use of components that are manufactured in series and that are combined with traditional custom craftsmanship in the execution. We can also realize glass specialised awning screens/ rooftops with built-in sun screening filters.

As a luxurious extra, also lightning can be installed in an AmberShade® system. In this way, a wide range of possibilities that can be realised within a controllable budget is created.