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Amber Dynamic Sun Design is specialized in designing and producing luxurious & hi-tech Sun Awning systems for yachts!



It is our ambition to manufacture sun awning systems that do justice to the delineation of perfectly designed yachts, with superior technology, elegant designs and top-notch materials. The sun awning systems are designed in a way that they fully correspond to the style and form a logical entirety with the overall design of the yacht. All the systems are custom-made and every yacht gets the solution, energy and effort it deserves. We have the privilege of being involved in some of the world’s most exciting and extraordinary projects.

The manufacturing of the sun awning systems takes place in our own workshop in Lemmer, The Netherlands.

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Founder and CEO. Has decades of experience in mechanical engineering and product innovation across high-tech industries. “I am passionate about building a sustainable company that is fun to work at”.






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For our products we only want to make use of top notch materials, it is our ambition to manufacture sun awning systems of carbon and composite in combination with aluminum and stainless steel with the result of sophisticated designs for sun awning.
We aim for easily installation, innovative solutions, limitless possibilities and designs that do justice to the delineation of perfectly designed yachts. With the experience that AMBER Dynamic Sun Design possessions, are we able to assist you to find your unique sun awning system design.
Curious about our products? Please find an overview in the next chapter or contact us for more information.

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"To design and build is a privilege"
Cees Wijma – CEO Amber Dynamic Sun Design



Mar 14, 2018

MetamorphosA transforms a full flush deck into an enclosed area for comfortable relaxation. This is a new sundeck concept for the next generation of superyachts.

When the weather is good, the full deck is available for relaxation with MetamorphosA equipment stored out of sight in a compact box below the deck level. As the weather suddenly changes or night falls, the metamorphosis takes place. Seemingly out of nowhere a complete structure made of a weatherproof roof surrounded by windscreen panels, is raised from the deck, creating a fully protected area.

The options for (partial) closure are various; the roof can be closed or partially closed, while the glass windbreak panels are open. The glass windbreak panels can be partially closed independent from the roof. Ultimately, the entire area can be closed, creating a large space, which can be used day or night, rain or sunshine.

MetamorphosA is a cooperation between Alukwa and Amber Dynamic Sun Design.

MetamorphosA-news.jpg MetamorphosA-View-1-2.jpg


There are currently no vacancies available. However, we are always keen to meet energetic and talented professionals who would like to join our team.

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With a view over the harbor Amber Dynamic Sun Design is located on a beautiful and inspiring place in a town with a rich maritime history; Lemmer, The Netherlands.


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